• You must have JDownloader closed while performing these instructions.
  • For JDownloader 0.9xxx – If you have any downloads in progress you better save your links list or finish your downloads, else you will lose them.
  1. Go to C:\Program Files\jDownloader\config folder (jDownloader > Show Package Contents > Contents > Resources > app > config for Mac) and back up the existing database.script (you may copy and paste it anywhere you want or just rename it).
  2. Replace the existing database.script file in the directory stated above (config) with the file found in .rar or .zip you downloaded.

Almost same steps with JDownloader 2.

  1. Copy the file found in .rar or .zip you downloaded – org.jdownloader.settings.AccountSettings.accounts.ejs – in cfg directory and replace it with the existing file.
  2. Relaunch jDownloader.

That’s it… Enjoy!

  • You can download JDownloader 2 HERE (click to redirect) *Portable version :: Last update: 08/03/2014 – Mac users run .jar file!

Happy Premium Downloads!