Get paid to share your links! is an innovative service that allows you to earn money from each visitor to your shortened links. How this works is actually quite simple. First, you shorten your links and then you post them or send them to people as you usually would with any shortened link. Each ad that is shown earns you money!


Frequently Asked Questions


What is What does it do? is URL shortener that rewards the publishers of the shortened links by offering 50% of the advertising revenue.
Our members fall into two different categories, Publishers and Advertisers.
– A Publisher will earn money through by placing the shortened links on their website / blog / Facebook / Twitter etc. Each time when of their visitors clicks on an link they will first view a full page advertisement for 5 seconds before being able to click a Skip Ad button and continue to their intended destination. We share this revenue with the Publisher of the link.
– Advertisers pay for visitors to their website or affiliate URL. They can target a country, set a campaign budget and they are purchasing the visitors sent by our Publishers.

How much can I earn?
This all depends on how many people click on your links. Earning potential is limitless, and grows even further with our referral program which pays 20% of all of your referral’s earnings for LIFE!


What is the minimum campaign deposit?
The minimum amount to run an advertising campaign on is currently $5. This needs to be paid through PayPal or Liberty Reserve or Payoneer ($10 minimum).

Can I have an advertising AND publisher account?
You can now use the same account for a Publisher and Advertiser account. Please choose from the selection in the top right corner of the screen when you login.

Can I limit the amount I spend per day?

Yes you can. You can set a Daily Budget, this will ensure you will not spend more than you wish a day. It requires a monetary value, so if your campaign was Worldwide at $1 CPM and you wanted to get 100 visitors a day, you would set your Daily Budget to $0.10.
Please do not confuse a Daily Budget with repeat payment. The advertising payments are manually made by yourself and we cannot automatically take any money from your PayPal account.
Setting a Daily Budget also ensures your traffic is evenly spread out over 24 hours and not sent in a very short time period. To set the Daily Budget in your account, please click ‘show details’ by the campaign. Then enter a figure next to Daily Budget: and finally, click the Update button.

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